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Universal Dyeing has a comprehensive dyeing machine package that provides a complete solution to today's modern dye house with the latest know-how and cutting edge technology.

Universal Dyeing has a capability to process wide range of fibers which includes:

- Cotton
- Polyester
- Cotton Lycra
- Cotton / Polyester
- Cotton / Polyester / Lycra
- Etc.

Universal Dyeing has a capacity to dye from 20 Kg to 1500 Kg as a single batch, and a total dyeing capacity of more than 400 ton. Our range of dyeing machines includes:

Dyeing Machines

  • Two Thies (Capacity: 700 KG)
  • One Thies (Capacity: 1400 KG)
  • Fong's Soft Flow (Capacity: 600 KG)
  • Fong's Soft Flow (Capacity 1000 KG)
  • Three Close Winches (Capacity: 600 KG)
  • One Close Winches (Capacity: 1200 KG)
  • Sample Machine (Capacity: 25 To 300 KG)

Finishing Machines

  • Santex - One Conveyer Dryer (Capacity: 5000 KG per day / per shift
  • Four Tumble Dryer (Capacity: 50 KG Each)
  • One dryer (Six Pole) (Capacity: 3000 KG per day / per shift)
  • One Hydro Ballooning (Santex)
  • One Hydro
  • Two Raising Machine (Width: 82")
  • One Heat Set (Width: 50")
  • One Soft Set (Width: 50")
  • Compaction Fabcon (Width: 50")
  • TubeTex (Width: 50")
  • Fabcon (Width: 60")

Power / Steam Generation

  • One Generator (450 KVA)
  • One Boiler (2300 Heating Surface)
  • Softening Plant (10,000 Gallons)

All these machines incorporate the modern technological development and the top quality that are unique, versatile and highly productive. These machines are designed with the latest technological innovations and are suitable for processing a wide range of fabrics to produce the highest dyeing quality with great overall performance and efficiency.

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Corino & Calator Balooning Tad   Fong's Soft Flow   Fong's Soft Flow   Conveyer Dryer   Pole Dryer
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